Edding参与了每个网站周围的当地地区 - 员工的参与对我们来说尤为重要。

所有广告系列都有固定预算和定义规则,包括捐赠和公司志愿者活动。我们通过非货币捐赠支持当地苗圃,学校和俱乐部。Edding提供所有员工定期提供血液并进行德国骨髓捐助机构的类型匹配,Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei (DKMS).

Helping, where help is needed: children represent our future, which is why edding has supported the research department of the children’s clinic at Eppendorf University Hospital in Hamburg, Germany for more than ten years. edding is also involved in the wider debate about the role of companies in society and in particular corporate responsibility, reaching important opinion leaders in the process.

The future managers

edding CEO reading to children

Children being read to by managers at one of our designated days

Managers and children

In partnership with the “Chefs lesen Kindern vor” organisation, we regularly invite schoolchildren to visit us so that managers can read aloud to them from their favourite children’s book. This contact enables children to build up a realistic picture of managers and what their role entails. At the same time, it helps managers to become more empathetic – they can learn a lot from children.

Commitment without borders

Our commitment knows no bounds

As diverse and colourful as our product range are the people who come to edding twice a week to learn German. At edding, it’s not just our products that are sustainable – so too, is our company philosophy.

Since June 2016, edding has been organising German lessons for refugees. These run in parallel with the official integration courses and each course offers space for ten to twelve participants. Our German class meets twice a week for three hours at the company’s headquarters in Ahrensburg. Volunteer employees help the students with homework from their integration course, exam preparation and language training. Half of the teaching time is “donated” by edding and the other half is provided by the volunteers in their own time.

edding trainees Abdul and Brian

From students to colleagues

Our “teachers” are astonished by the thirst for knowledge, motivation and gratitude shown by the students. With some even gaining an insight into the wonders of German grammar…thanks to our international students! So it’s not surprising that students become colleagues: since August 2017, the first Syrian trainee has been boosting the edding team in Ahrensburg, closely followed by another Syrian trainee at our Bautzen production site.

Our goal is to continue offering German lessons, including at our other sites.

edding staff at work

“Wi Mook DAT!”

We did it!

We want to give our employees the opportunity to think, learn and act in a different way – out of the box. This is why we offer activities including those that take them to unusual places or impart knowledge via unconventional channels.

For several years now, employees at our headquarters in Ahrensburg have been able to benefit from a change in perspective for a few hours on Hamburg’s national volunteer day.

与“Wi Mook DAT”活动合作,我们为几个汉堡的“Herzas”无家可归者收容所提供了支持。在这样的日子里,我们的员工为无家可归者避难所的客人准备了饭菜,装修和装饰放松身心,并整理花园。工作时间不是唯一捐赠的东西;我们还向食品提供了必要的材料,通过涂料和家具,以及花园设备和植物。此广告系列每年运行,但可以选择不同的项目。参与员工决定哪个企业edding将支持。

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