Hand lettering 101


Hand lettering is everywhere and is much talked about – which just makes you want to pick up a pen and have a go yourself! With just a little practice and a few of our simple tricks and tips, anyone can succeed at the art of hand lettering. We will show you the basics and a variety of techniques together with lots of inspiration, so you’ll soon be getting great results and improving your lettering style. There are lots of techniques for drawing beautiful letters, and for some you’ll need specific materials and equipment. Brush lettering, for example, requires a brush pen with a flexible brush nib. For hand lettering, you can get pens with different stroke widths. Good pens to start out with are fibre pens with a bullet nib, fineliners and gel rollers. The paper you use also has to match the different requirements of lettering technique.


那些仍然有老师的声音在耳朵里响起的人,告诉他们他们的手写,现在可以呼吸浮雕。那是因为我们可以与手刻字更具创造力 - 在这个过程中有很多乐趣!但这里的关键是“练习完美”......抓住一块普通纸并绘制一些导向线。用带子弹的纤维笔开始,然后尝试一些不同的字体。阅读我们的指导技巧!

Lettering styles and tips


Brush lettering requires specific materials: A goodbrush pen是必不可少的。凭借其柔软,柔性的刷尖,您可以通过在写入时更改笔的压力来改变向上和向下行程的宽度。
对于下行,牢牢地压在尖端,使它们更广泛 - 并且不要担心推动太难,因为质量钢笔是为此而设计的!当您向向上运动移动手时,使用最小的压力使得线路再次窄。学习控制和感受到这将是实践。首先,实践用直线改变压力,然后继续曲线。当您感到充满自信时,请尝试将完整的单词放在选定的字体上。你需要一些灵感吗?点击这里



Faux calligraphy (or “fake” calligraphy) means writing as though you were using a brush pen when in fact you are using a standard pen with a bullet nib.Fibre pensare suitable, as arefineliners,凝胶辊或铅笔。这意味着您可以自由选择您想要的纸张;它可能是彩色卡片或追踪纸,它完全取决于您的钢笔。

首先,写出这个词,在字母之间留下一点额外的空间。接下来,当您对刷笔上的压力 - 从字母的圆形峰值到基线时,绘制通常会出现的下行增强。确保您始终在同一侧添加并行线,向右或向左添加并向左侧进行平衡。因为你在字母之间留下了一点空间,所以他们不会看起来挤压在一起。最后,在创建的空的空间中只需颜色即可 - 这就是它的全部存在!如果您想了解书法的基础知识,请点击这里



“反弹刻字”是完美的,可以在他们的一步中给出一个春天。您可以自由地改变基线的高度您的字母和单词坐在上面 - 这将为您的识字造成动态的感觉。

The bounce technique can be used for many styles of hand lettering and works particularly well with brush lettering and faux calligraphy. There are only a few things to watch out for here: make sure the ascenders and descenders of the letters don’t clash (“f” and “g”, for example). For a more balanced overall look, keep the first and last letters on the same level and only let the middle ones dance around. The layout of the phrase must be compact and the lettering must be consistent from left to right for easy reading. To achieve a contemporary look, use decorative elements to match the style of the wording and the font. It’s important to draw the letters clearly – a “c” with an extended downward stroke, for instance, won’t be legible, and an “a” could soon end up looking like a “q”.




A small sketch, shadow lines on individual words or decorative elements can underline the message behind your wording. Flourishes, banners, arrows or swirls – just let your creativity run free!

在暗纸上添加白线与edding 1500柔和的笔


Use a white pen for dark paper for an eye-catching lettering. The more times you reapply the pastel pen, the paler the lines will become (let the ink dry between applications). You can even add really fine details to your artwork by using the fine tip of the柔和的笔

手刻字101 - 我们走了!


That’s enough theory for now – so let’s get started and create our first hand-drawn letters! We recommend you take it slow and steady to start with and avoid applying too many effects all at once; with hand lettering, less is usually more. If your lettering isn’t up to the level of our examples after your first attempt, it really doesn’t matter. Everyone has to start somewhere and you’ll probably need to practise a little before the results come up to your expectations. It’s well worth being patient, though – trust us!

您可能希望首先用铅笔绘制刻字艺术品,然后通过您的首选markers and pens for lettering。您可以找到我们精彩的模板选择刻字和追踪模板部分


A little list of materials

  • 芬兰人are good for drawing tall, narrow letters
  • 凝胶辊make it easy to insert a second line as a decorative element
  • Fibre pens非常适合向字母添加阴影线